Pregnant? Here's what every expecting mom needs to do!


Are those two pink lines that you see?


Positive pregnancy test


You just peed on a stick and ready or not—here comes baby!


Whether you are a first time mom anxious about the upcoming changes and challenges or an expert who has been down this road before and knows all about raising kids, there's always something that you wish you had thought of or done differently.


As a mother of two beautiful girls, I found myself in a similar position, especially with my first pregnancy. I had no idea what to expect and where to turn for answers. Thankfully, the world wide web is available with an array of information- to put your mind at ease (or to make you extremely nervous—depending on your perspective).


As I was progressing through my pregnancy, I did numerous Google searches to help me navigate through the excitement and confusion that lead up to D-day. “When does morning sickness go away?” “Is that normal during 15 weeks of pregnancy?” “Is this a normal heart beat for 30 weeks?” “How much weight gain is acceptable?” .. and many more over the 40 weeks.


Today, I'd like to share a few things that every expecting couple should think about accomplishing before that little bundle of joy shows up. Some are absolutely important to do while some are just fun optional activities that will help you enjoy the journey.


✿ Remember to take your daily prenatal vitamins and/or folic acid. These are absolutely important for baby's growth and development.

Read more about the benefits of prenatal vitamins here.


✿ Sign up to receive weekly updates from a site such as babycenter ( These provide valuable information for expecting moms while also providing a forum for questions and concerns.


✿ A fun memento would be to take weekly bump pictures with the fruit or vegetable of baby's size. Again, a website such as babycenter would send weekly updates on baby's development, including what the fetus' size is that week.

Weekly bump pics


✿ Do a maternity photo shoot to capture this exciting time in your life.



✿ Planning on breast feeding? Find out where you can buy or rent a breast pump and necessary accessories before hand.


✿ As you near the end of your pregnancy, make sure to get the important things done; such as cord blood and hospital registration, packing a hospital bag, and getting the car seat installed.


Last but not least, pregnancy is supposed to be a time to relax. Enjoy this period and take time out for yourself. Treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure and relax with a massage. As always, check with your doctor if it's okay to get a massage and let the business know that you are expecting as well.


Of course, this is just a small and incomplete list. If you think I've left out some important items, please feel free to comment!  And if you found this post helpful, sign up for our newsletter and please share with your friends.


Take care and Happy Pregnancy!


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  • Anita Koppuzhayil
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