8 Fun Ways to Document your Pregnancy


What an exciting time in your life - anticipating the arrival of your little miracle!  And to remember this joyous time, wouldn't it be awesome to document those nine months in a fun way?  Looking back, I wish I had done more to document both my pregnancies other than the usual ultrasounds and bump pics once every few weeks.  So taking a page from what's popular among soon-to-be moms, here is a compilation of some fun ways to document your pregnancy!

1.   Take a picture each week in the same outfit.  This will keep the focus on your belly, from barely-there to whoa-Nelly!  You can even try to keep your hair and make-up and your pose the exact same each week!

2.  Along those same lines, take a picture each week in the same outfit, AND with a fruit or vegetable to symbolize what size your little one is that week.  Chalkboard art is always fun, so how about incorporating some of that into the weekly shoots? Instead of holding the fruit or vegetable (like my beautiful friend Tiffany in these pictures), you could draw in the fruit or vegetable with little tidbits about what was new that week.

3.  How about a maternity photoshoot with your significant other?  The possibilities are endless as far as location is concerned.  We did ours at the Kemah Boardwalk near Galveston, Texas and had this Merry-go-Round as one of our backdrops.

4.  Keep a journal and write down all the changes that you are experiencing as a result of your pregnancy.  What are you craving now?  What makes you nauseated the most?  When did you feel that first kick from the little one?  These are all details you will wish you remembered later on.

5.  Write a letter each week for your baby or keep a scrapbook.  This would be similar to keeping a journal.  You could add weekly or monthly ultrasound pictures, keep track of the weight you've gained throughout, how you broke the news to family, and who gave you what at the baby shower.

6.  Chart your weekly belly growth with a Belly Growth Chart by Guesstation.  What a fun way to visually document your baby's growth!  [Available here]

7.  You can also document your pregnancy using the Belly Book.  This is a nine month journal divided into three trimesters that outlines your progression through the pregnancy.  It has pre-printed categories with fill in the blank sections; some of which are:  "Week that I first felt you fluttering in my belly", "Music that we have been listening to lately", and "Top news story right now". 

8.  Last but not least, make a time-lapse video to document that beautiful bump! Here is one that went viral recently.  What a fun way indeed!  And I'm fairly sure the whole family would definitely enjoy watching this!

These are just some ways to document your progression through nine of the most important months in your life.  If you come across other cool ideas to add to this list, feel free to comment!  And as always, if you found this post helpful, sign up for our newsletter and please share with your friends.

Take care and happy pregnancy! 

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  • Anita Koppuzhayil
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