How baby #2 gets short changed.. sort of.


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A couple of days ago, we had a Kiwi blog post about the differences between the first child and second.  It got me thinking about our own personal experiences with our two girls, who are now 2½ years and 9 months old.  Reading through some of the entries, I chuckled and frankly, felt relieved, that there were other parents who were in the same boat as my husband and I.  

So taking a cue from Scary Mommy, here is a list of the differences we came up with our own children.

First child
: I was lucky enough to be showered three times; once at work, once with family and once with friends; all with different themes and lots of baby gifts.  After the baby was born, we had countless visitors at the hospital and at home after delivery, who were eager to meet the wee one.  The night after she was born, we avoided sending her to the hospital nursery and had her sleep in the same room as us on her first night outside the womb.  We watched her sleep like, well, a baby while neither of us slept a single wink all night long, wondering if each little sound she made meant something.

Second child
:  There were no baby showers, few gifts and fewer visitors.  In fact, some of our friends still haven't seen baby #2.  The night after she was born, we promptly sent her to the nursery for the entire night while the two of us slept like babies.

First child
:  We took weekly pics of the baby bump and saved all the ultrasound pics from my OB appointments.  Someone had gifted me a scrap book, so I religiously documented all the differences my body was going through.  After she was born, we ordered some fancy frames from Pottery Barn to house her foot and hand imprints and even made a shadow box with her first-ever onesie and hat with a tiny bow from the hospital.

Second child:  We took a bump picture maybe once every other month after the fifth month; enough to actually document the fact that I was pregnant for a second time.  We actually have no idea where the ultrasound pics for baby #2 are, definitely did not have a memory book and in reality, didn't even pack her first onesie from the hospital to take back home.

First child
:  We were both fairly paranoid about hygiene and would clean our hands with sanitizer before handling the baby and made sure everyone else washed their hands before holding her as well.  We made sure she didn't eat anything once it had fallen on the floor, even at home.  If she dropped her pacifier at home, we would sterilize it in boiling water.  If she dropped it somewhere outside of home, we would usually just toss it.

Second child
:  We now have a five second rule on pretty much everything-nothing a quick blow and swift wipe on mom or dad's t-shirt can't solve - for pacifiers and food alike.

First child
:  We would take pics every month to celebrate baby's monthly birthday and we made sure we took it on same date each month.  Both our phones were full of photos of every smile, frown, burp or poop face she made.

Second child:  Monthly birthday pics are taken sporadically, sometimes two on the same day to make up for not taking the previous month's pic.  We definitely don't take a picture a second like we did with the first child; maybe just enough to prove she is part of the family! 

First child
:  We bought new toys every so often to engage baby and read books to her starting at 2 months.  We absolutely did not let her watch ANY television till after age 1, and made sure the cut off time for all electronics was at 5 pm each evening.

Second child:  Baby #2 gets few to no new toys - she does have plenty of hand me down toys though and we barely started reading to her around 7 months.  Thanks to big sister, she is already getting ample TV time, especially when big sister stays up and watches till 9 pm.

First child
:  We would spend every minute of every day with baby #1.  We would shower all of our attention on her, to the point that we almost didn't take any time out to do anything for just ourselves.  We would watch movies when they finally come out on Netflix or Redbox and were feeling almost burnt out before she even turned one.

Second child:  We soon learned that grandparents were God's greatest gifts to new parents.  We now hand both kids to grandma and watch new releases at the theater and go out on weekly dates, be it a movie or dinner or just some time away from those adorable monsters :)

First child:
  We gave baby #1 a pacifier a few weeks after she was born and avoided formula while breast feeding as much as possible.  As she grew older, we gave her home made baby food using a variety of different ingredients.

Second child:  We gave baby #2 a pacifier literally the same day she was born and formula literally after her first breast milk.  We had learned that topping breast milk off with some supplemental formula almost always meant a night of sleep for baby and parents. And as of now, we are giving baby #2 some quality store bought Gerber baby food.

So what are some things you did differently with your first and second or subsequent children?  Comment and let us know, and if you found this post helpful, sign up for our newsletter and please share with your friends.

Take care and happy pregnancy!


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  • Reshma

    Great blog! You’re both amazing parents to BOTH girls :)

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