Pre-Packed Hospital Bag Reviews

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Highly recommended!

I would highly recommend the Kiwi Maternity Bag to any expecting mama or anyone looking for a gift for one. My husband left for deployment when I was pregnant and I shortly thereafter moved across the country with my dog.
I had very little time to get anything together for baby after I arrived. I am so grateful that I had a prepackaged hospital bag. Having one less thing to think about when you have SO much going on at the end of your pregnancy is a true heaven sent. I didn't have to worry about anything. All I added was some pjs and I filled up my provided travel shampoo, conditioner and body wash bottles. The 31 items fit neatly in the bag with room to spare. I had everything I needed already packed for me. Lifted stress off my shoulders.
I ended up having a hospital stay of a little over a week and still had enough comforts packed to last me my whole stay.

The gender neutral green bag will make a great diaper bag for mom or dad to carry. Or a great weekend getaway bag as well. If you break it down, for 31 items plus the bag each item is just around $5 which lines up fairly close to retail plus the ease of having someone else pack it all for you. Peace of mind is an amazingly comforting thing to have when preparing for baby's arrival.
Save yourself hours of running errands, making lists and packing a bag. Not to mention the stress and exhaustion that comes along with it.


A special gift to yourself for a very special time :)

This nicely organized, light weight, beautifully colored bag is a must have for anyone who is getting ready to have a baby. You will be surprised at how this bag is so very organized with all the necessary items you need during your hospital stay. It looks like they have put in a lot of time and effort when putting together this bag. All of the products in this bag are great and put in with so much detail and care. All I need to include is make up and going home clothing for myself and baby :)
I can't wait to have my baby so that I can use all the items in this package. This bag can also be used later as a diaper bag or travel bag :) It also makes a great gift with a great price. You should order this bag right away. I highly recommend this product to all the expecting mothers out there!


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This bag is the perfect gift for an expecting mom who plan on having a hospital or birth center birth. You can tell a lot of thought went into putting this bag together. I will be recommending it to all of my friends and family!!


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I Love this bag!

I received this prepackaged hospital bag and I love it! It has EVERYTHING you need from toothbrush, contact cases, snacks, eye mask, socks, stress ball and it even includes Thank You cards and nursing pads which I didn’t even think about bringing. It saved me and my husband so much time/stress thinking of everything we would need to pack for the delivery.
I also love the color and quality of the bag. It’s definitely something you can use again later. This would also make the perfect gift to give to an expectant mom. Totally love this purchase and would recommend it!


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Awesome gift!!

I received this bag as a baby shower gift, and this is seriously a great hospital bag!!! The bag itself is really nice and definitely reusable!! And it really has everything that you can think of to bring to the hospital. Makes life so much easier! One thing that you can quickly check off your to do list! You don't have to worry about going to the store and buying all these random things when you are already pregnant and tired! Such a creative and useful gift!!!!

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