Aria Maternity Panty

Product Description

Meet the Aria Maternity Panty - the next generation of maternity underwear! Imagine not having to bend over your bump to put on or take off your underwear. Now you don't have to - with our unique patent-pending design, which allows you to do just that while standing upright. 

Turn an inconvenient and uncomfortable part of your day into a pleasant one and avoid adding more stress to your already strained back. 

Made with premium materials such as 95% PIMA Cotton and 5% Spandex, and industrial strength Velcro, the Aria is comfortable, strong and flexible. 

The Aria has undergone extensive testing and has been designed to endure an active day - whether at home, work, or running errands. And if you so choose, you can wear it like traditional underwear when it is closed, making it perfect for after delivery as well. 

What is PIMA cotton and why is it better?

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$ 19.99